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St. Matthew's United Church

Job Description: June 2, 2003

Reports to: Ministry and Personnel Committee

as designated by the Official Board

Positions directly supervised: two

Hours of work: 14 per week (flexible)


Job Summary

The role of the Administrator is to assist the St. Matthews United Church congregation to accomplish its ministry related to its property and building. This assistance is normally provided by identifying problems and issues, giving information and advice, receiving and implementing instructions and reporting to those groups designated by the Official Board.

Generally, the Administrator works with groups designated by the Official Board to manage the property and building and to manage custodial and support staff. The Administrator must act as a liaison to diverse community groups who may be building partners or prospective building users.

Major Responsibilities

1. Maximize revenue through shared use of church space by:

  • Monitoring building-related costs.
  • Recommending rates for building use to the Official Board on an annual basis.
  • Developing criteria for selecting building users and recommending to the Official Board terms for use by economically disadvantaged users.
  • Finding and securing groups to share in building use according to criteria set by the Official Board.
  • Participating in the negotiation of sharing agreements, repairs and maintenance of all properties owned by the congregation. Negotiating cost-sharing arrangements with building partners in collaboration with groups designated by the Official Board.
  • Organizing and delegating the co-ordination of bookings.
  • Maintaining day-to-day relations and problem solving to address the needs of culturally diverse building partners.

2. Maintain the building and property in good repair by:

  • Identifying issues and problems related to property and building maintenance and repair, developing alternative courses of action, providing advice on a preferred course of action, receiving and implementing instructions and reporting on results to groups designated by the Official Board.
  • Managing contracts related to building and equipment repair, maintenance and improvement including: building structure including roof, walls, windows, flooring, mechanical and electrical systems, security and fire alarm systems, waste management, organ tuning and repair, major office equipment (including computer hardware, software and photocopier), snow removal and boiler maintenance and repair.
  • Exploring building partnerships with internal and external groups that could lead to upgrading of the physical property.

3. Manage the custodial and support staff by:

  • Hiring, supporting, supervising scheduling and reviewing performance of all custodial staff in consultation with the Ministry and Personnel Committee. Managing part-time custodians in collaboration with the Head Custodian.
  • Collaborating with the Minister in recruiting, hiring, supervising and reviewing performance of the Administrative Assistant in consultation with the Ministry and Personnel Committee. The Administrator relates to the Administrative Assistant with respect to her responsibility for room bookings and relating to user groups.
  • Developing and regularly reviewing job descriptions in consultation with the Ministry and Personnel for approval by the Official Board.


Reply by mail before July 18 to:
               Administrator Hiring Committee,
               St. Matthew's United Church,
               729 St. Clair Ave. W.,
               Toronto, M6C 1B2